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the connection works (benchmark results below) the major problem is: unable to disable DHCP!

which means: whenever there is a disconnect from the uplink (DHCP lost) the DHCP of the TL-WPA4220KIT will “kick in” and assign completely useless IPs to all connected dhcp clients, so this device will go on ebay and will be replaced by a LAN cable (more effort drilling holes through ceilings, but it is worth it in terms of speed and reliability of uplink) Guide.pdf

first of:

  • after plugin: hit the “Pair” button (short) on every device in order for those devices to link up with each other
  • this device has a dhcp enabled per default, but the ip is not but (as with all TP-Link routers)
  • if a PC is LAN conneted and all 3x LEDs are green = good to go


  • the range of those devices seems to be pretty good (they are usually meant to bridge ETHERNET via POWER cable from floor 1 to floor 2) (floor 3 might be out of range)
  • if it is possible to get rid of a WIFI accesspoint by installing such ETHERNET over POWER devices would do it
    • not much is known about their electro magnetic radiation emission (EMRE).
  • the ETHERNET over POWER network can (in theory, UNTESTED!) be expanded to 16x nodes
  • it detects, if there is activity on the LAN port and goes into power-saving mode when not


  • impossible to DISABLE build-in DHCP?🤔
    • this could become a realy problem, when there is already a DHCP (router-server) in the network that the user wants to use
    • “The WPA4220 sends a DHCPREQUEST every minute to determine whether or not there is an existing DHCP server on the network.”
    • “If it gets a response then the 4220 will not act as a DHCP server itself.”
    • “If it doesn’t get a response or if you configure it with a static IP address then the 4220 will act as a DHCP server.” (src:
  • not 100% reliable:
    • range pretty limited
    • this is not a replacement for a proper home-network: nothing will replace a fibre or CAT7 cable any time soon (StarLink tries hard) so if the user has a choice, go with the CAT7 wirering (speed might drop here also significantly with length of cable, 100m might not even work, would not have more than 50m wire between switches for maximum speed)
    • electric devices that induce frequencies back into the grid might disrupt or reduce speed of the ETHERNET over POWER system


Links & Firmware Updates:

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