the story goes like this.

multiple files were zipped under Windows 7 (Pro German/DE) and unzipped under GNU Linux Debian 10.

The problem is: that the special chars of the filenames are all reported as “invalid encoding” (within the MATE default caja filemanager)
Konstanzpr�fung.pdf -> Konstanzprüfung.pdf

the solution:

1) make a backup copy of all files e.g. in ./temp folder

2) convert all filenames to UTF-8 like this:

convmv -r --notest -f Windows-1252 -t UTF-8 *

creditz go to one of those lovely hand dediated blogs:

without them, the internet would not be the same (it would be worse) and lose problem-solving knowledge

creditz go also to the authors of free software, in this case: without their skills and willingness to contribute and share Open Source software, a lot of software-problems would remain unsolved or impossible to solve.

Those who do not buy em a beer or a coffee shall not use Open Source software.


ps: whatever reason Micro$oft had to use this strange encoding… please change to UTF-8 NOW! (or change OS to GNU Linux NOW!)