versus is the wrong word.

They are both great great GNU Linux distributions with a different focus and imho the perfect combination.

Debian (apt based)

  • “the universal operating system” (because has great hardware compatibility

    run’s (almost) anywhere

  • a lot of Distributions including Ubuntu an Armbian (adapted Debian version for raspberry pi) are based on Debian and even some Macbooks! (untested!)
  • MATE Desktop
  • MATE Gnome2 Desktop (above screenshot) is well thought trought lightweight but still very user friendly
    • osx like system settings (lovin’ it)
    • highly recommend the “Cosmos” changing backgrounds :-p
    • Hotkey / Shortcut
      • Lock Screen: Ctrl+Alt+L
      • Minimize all Programs: Ctrl+Alt+D (and bring them up again)
  • imho Debian is a great Client and Workstation distribution
  • uses ext4 as default filesystem (yes in theory it supports xfs as well, but not recommended as xfs is )

Fedora / CentOS / Redhat / rpm based

  • imho is the perfect server os
  • uses xfs as default filesystem ( a bit faster than ext4 )

Debian (client) + CentOS (server)

is imho the perfect combination 🙂

both systems run well as workstation and server

love both! keep up the good stuff!

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