hostnamectl; # tested on
   Static hostname: debian
    Virtualization: oracle
  Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
            Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-9-amd64
      Architecture: x86-64

# will install qcreator and qt5 library
apt-get install qcreator qt5-default
# "no valid kits found"
# is due to not installed/missing qt5-default library

# as non-root user to start qtcreator

create new project:

it will complain: “no valid kits found”

hit the “Manage” button:

if package “qt5-default” is installed, there will be an selectable entry under Qt version: “Qt 5.7.1”

if this project is version managed with git or mercurial or subversion or bazaar or clear case or gerrit or perforce or cvs (if installed):

actually a pretty nice editor with debugging function… (feels a little clumsy though or one just has no clue X-D)

A Book about Qt5 / ebook by: JRyannel JThelin


Last Build: June 26, 2019 at 07:15 CET

Welcome to the online book of Qt5 Cadaques!

Why Qt5? Because Qt5 is awesome!

Why Cadaques?

Because one of the authors had a great holiday in this rocky coastline in the north-east of Spain.

The entire collection of chapters covering Qt5 programming, written by Juergen Bocklage-Ryannel and Johan Thelin, is available here.

(this Android App is created with Qt5)

All book content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 license and examples are licensed under the BSD license.

We are heavily working on this book and that means several things:

  1. It’s not done. We will be releasing new chapters from time to time and updating existing chapters on the go.
  2. We love your support. If you find any errors or have suggestions, please use our feedback system (the issues links). It will create a new ticket-entry in our ticket system and help us to keep track.
  3. Be patient. We are working in our spare time on the book and we depend on the support of our companies and family.




The assets contain all files for reading the book offline and also the chapter examples as a downloadable format.

Offline Books

about Qt:

“Qt (pronounced “cute”[7][8][9]) is a free and open-source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as cross-platform applications that run on various software and hardware platforms such as

  • with little or no change in the underlying codebase while still being a native application with native capabilities and speed.”

Applications using Qt:

Language bindings

Qt can be used in several other programming languages like Python, Javascript, C# or Rust[88] via language bindings, see


There are four editions of Qt available: Community, Indie Mobile, Professional and Enterprise.[94] The Community version is under the open source licenses, while the Indie Mobile, Professional and Enterprise versions, which contain additional functionality and libraries, e.g. Enterprise Controls[94] are commercially sold by The Qt Company.

Intel & KDE:

Another participator is Intel, contributing for example Wayland support.[145] AudioCodes maintains IBM ClearCase support in Qt Creator.[146]

As a heavy user of Qt, the KDE project submits many patches and features from its developer library KDE Frameworks back to Qt.[147]


this video was done with windows version of qtcreator, but works just the same on linux:

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