one might know the firefox “delte browser history” ctrl + alt + delete

hotkey which is convenient… to clean up all logins and stuff.

one fine day… one tried to empty the trash can with a hotkey…

one tried all kinds of hotkeys including this very very evil one: ctrl + alt + backspace

it will kill one’s x session, quitting all programs without saving

yes all one’s unsaved open files and conent will be lost in an instant – without any possibility (except maybe for LibreOffice writer, which has it’s own recovery functionality build in) to recover any unsaved files X-D

if one comes across a linux box with a open x session… and wants to lock the screen while annoying the user… hit ctrl + alt + backspace X-D

then tell them… that one can not leave a computer with a desktop session open X-D (for privacy reasons)

have fun!

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