update: safety first!

when it comes to important files: safety comes first

thus recommend to the user that wants to go pro the following backup system:

  • have two complete backups at two different places:
    • backupA: at the company, USB 3.0 (! THE MORE DATA IS BACKED UP THE MORE SPEED IS NEEDED (or restore might take DAYS!)) connected to the server, doing daily incremental backups
    • backupB: being a fire-proof double-metal casing (EMP proof) vault at a different place (home?)
  • change those backups every day if possible otherwise every week
    • if ransomeware destroys backupA then in the worst case scenario, one day or one week of work is gone
    • remember: whatever is physically connected to the server, can be encrypted by ransomeware
  • have the backup strategy tested once a year
    • where the backup is restored completely on a backup-server, to test if all data is there and how long the process takes (USB 2.0 is definitely a massive bottleneck)

when one is happy with the setup of a linux system (config and scripts) one might want to backup those settings and restore it on a different machine or if things go haywire restore on the current machine.

cat /scripts/backup/config_scripts.sh

# tested on:

# hostnamectl 
#  Static hostname: DebianLaptop
#         Icon name: computer-laptop
#           Chassis: laptop
#  Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
#            Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-9-amd64
#      Architecture: x86-64

# modify this

# backup config of a linux machine

# create backup directories
mkdir -p /home/user/backup/$(date +%Y-%m)/scripts
mkdir -p /home/user/backup/$(date +%Y-%m)/config

# this will preserve the paths the config files were stored
# to replace on unpack, one will have to copy the .tar.gz into root /
# and unpack from there

# backup config
tar fcvz /home/user/backup/$(date +%Y-%m)/config/config_$VERSION.tar.gz /etc

# scripts
tar fcvz /home/user/backup/$(date +%Y-%m)/scripts/scripts_$VERSION.tar.gz /scripts/

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