Capitalism inspires the short sighted incentives.

But trust and honesty is key in long term relationships.

So for a short period of time – some dishonest people might enjoy the benefits – but in the end – it comes home to roost.

The “for the NSA” placed in products backdoords are just one example – now exploited not only by the NSA – but by many other parties as well – putting modern life 2.0 at risk of blackouts and collapses.

Just for a little spying.

So treat your clients fair.

Be honest to people.

Nothing but the truth can bring mankind further.

Its a question to what culture and code of conduct you subscribe to – to survive – in the long term.

And we shall all agree that mankind is worth to survive in the long term.

If not.

We might as well not go to work tomorrow and stop any form of interaction.

It’s like when you bring your car to the mechanic – how do you know that he fixes problem A) while at the same time preparing problem B) to happen?

Trust is key – without trust – no cooperation works – without cooperation this economy is over.

“For years logic bombs went off and spreadsheets glitched, and Siemens would recall Tinley and pay him to fix the problems with the spreadsheets that the company used to manage orders for electrical equipment.

At that point, Tinley would just fix the issue by resetting the clock, invoice for his time, and then wait for the program to go wrong again, Law360 reports.

However, things did not remain the same for Tinley on May 2016 when he was out of state for a vacation, and Siemens had to put in an urgent order, but a glitch in the spreadsheet occurred again.

At that point, Tinley was forced to hand over the administrator password to Siemens employees in order to unlock the spreadsheet for editing. It was then when he got caught when other employees of the company found the logic bombs in the sheet’s scripts.

David Tinley was indicted in May 2019 and just last week pledged guilty to one count of intentional damage to a protected computer.

He is now facing up to

10 years imprisonment along with a fine of up to $ 250,000

The sentencing could have been lesser if he had pleaded guilty early and avoided a full-blown trial.

Chief United States District Judge Peter J. Phipps has scheduled Tinley’s sentencing for November 8, 2019.”

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