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“Google controls about 62% of mobile browsers, 69% of desktop browsers, and the operating systems on 71% of mobile devices in the world. 92% of internet searches go through Google and 73% of American adults use YouTube. Google runs code on approximately 85% of sites on the Web and inside as many as 94% of apps in the Play store. It collects data about users’ every click, tap, query, and movement from all of those sources and more.”

while this is great and interesting news that linux kernel is so successfull on mobile devices, it was probably not in intention of the open source developers, to develop a Open Source OS that is extended with closed source spyware to extract as much big data from the masses as possible (mass surveillance).

"Don't be evil" was a motto used within Google's corporate code of conduct.

“Don’t be evil” was a motto used within Google’s corporate code of conduct.(src)

This is what BigData can look like:

A Massive U.S. Property and Demographic Database Exposes 200 Million Records


Microsoft lost the mobile domain and tries to secure it’s server and desktop segment – where it almost – still – holds a monopoly.

all hardware platforms (including mobile) (src)

Operating System Market Share Worldwide All Devices Plattforms - 2014-2019 Android 40.39% Windows 35.01% iOS 14.13% OS X 5.89% Unknown 2.75% Linux 0.79%

Operating System Market Share Worldwide All Devices Plattforms – 2014-2019 Android 40.39% Windows 35.01% iOS 14.13% OS X 5.89% Unknown 2.75% Linux 0.79% (src)

Desktop OS only Chart: Still about 80% Windows, followed by 13.5% OSX, followed by 5.6% “Unkown” followed by 1.6% Linux, Hurray! (it clearly is a threat to the Closed-Source-Empire) (src)

This low Linux-Desktop %user usage% is imho just out of lack of education

People where not tought linux – so they don’t know linux – or how well Linux Debian runs (with Gnome2 MATE) and Ubuntu nowadays work out of the box on 99% of all hardware – with the right – second hand lenovo laptop hardware (way cheaper and faster than latest crap book from ALDI, LIDL or MediaMarkt) (LIDL is partnering with Lenovo, but i’am still not buying it – get all my hardware from “refurbishers” (companies that buy up bank’s and insurance company’s hardware (replaced every 5 years) and professionally deletes all data, tests it for usability, reinstalls and resells it)) it is a ease.

Debian / Ubuntu even runs on (some) MacBookPro11.1! (with some glitches)

MacBook Pro 11.1 running debian

MacBook Pro 11.1 running debian, check dmesg output: dmesg_output_debian_on_macbookpro_11.1.txt

one can get a i5 lenovo like the t440 laptop/notebook with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD (super fast) for 350€.

Given Google’s massive Android market share – they almost have a monopoly on E-Mail now

“So my point is – just because Google does a few good things (including treating its employees very handsomely) shouldn’t obscure the fact that Google has now become way too big and way too intrusive to the extent that it’s basically pissing on our rights to privacy (i.e., the 4th amendment of the US constitution). For example, if the US legislators weren’t sleeping at the wheel, Google would’ve never been allowed to acquire YouTube, Android, Motorola Mobility, and certainly not harvesting and selling/sharing our private information. Never. Ever. [Side note: currently the US Congress has a 11 percent approval rating]

After acquiring 184 companies, Google has simply spun out of control and hence should be broken up into smaller, independent companies (the same way AT&T was broken up back in 1984).” … 1984… you say? (src)

BigTech/Microsoft’s creativity:

Given their track record of wracking creativity destroying companies like Nokia, would recommend the following:

  • make your source code Open Source (it will probably never happen)
  • use the Microsoft cash and invest it into creative startups, but only hold 49% of their shares, and STAY THE HECK OUT OF IT (no interfering, meet once a year, say “hello how is it going?” but nothing further)
    • and if a startup like SpaceX and Tesla decides to give away/publish all their patents for free… so shall be it

“Thanks to booming Cloud services, Microsoft is currently running brilliantly.”

“In the last quarter of the year (by the end of June), earnings were up 49 percent year-on-year to 13.2 billion US dollars (11.7 billion euros), as Microsoft announced on Thursday at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Although this was largely due to a tax credit of $ 2.6 billion, the operating result also rose by a strong 20 percent.” (src)

Microsoft stock price:

one (mobile phone based) currency to rule them all and destroy the planet!

and of course… spy on…

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you…

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

(Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending)

(Song by (of course) “The (secret surveillance) Police“)

“Earlier this year we began examining pertinent bits of evidence, based on pointers sent to us from people with connections (not necessarily insiders). The more we started digging, the more worried we became. Does the Linux Foundation want Linux to actually succeed? Or does it just want the Linux Foundation to succeed (in financial terms)? It certainly seems as though, over time, it’s more and more of the latter. Microsoft couldn’t be happier!

By paying companies like Novell and Canonical (through Azure for example) Microsoft has created the financial conditions that cultivate abandonment of GNU/Linux as a desktop platform. “Stay out of our turf,” they implicitly suggest or signal, “and you shalt be paid…””


this blog post, was written on a Linux Desktop… in a household with only Linux Desktops (3x workstations (CentOS, Debian) and 3x laptops (all Debian))




But the Linux Foundation will not be on the list… suggest some!

Please donate to:




The digital library! A very important research tool!

Privacy plus Speed please 🙂

(if you can run a tor node, does not need to be exit node… tried on this server… but had problems with updates on CentOS (would just stop working))


… if forgotten an important project… let me know on: Diaspora

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