were you annoyed by Youtube Ads? Me not. thanks to addons like uBlock.

Firefox Addons & Privacy – can addblockers be trusted – uBlock AddBlockPlus uMatrix – etc.

now those addons of Firefox suddenly stopped working, this is pretty annoying: “could not be verified for use in Forefox and has been disabled” huh? WHAT? WHY?

how to fix it:

in the address bar type/copy paste:


you can safely ignore this warning:

search for:


double click to to set it to false.

thanks for the great browser! 🙂 but seriously Mozilla… if possible try to avoid such problems in the future X-D

Ads suck!

src: https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/bkhtv8/heres_whats_going_on_with_your_addons_being/