Soyuz MS-18 launch marks 60 years of human spaceflight

how can everyone help build the city on Mars?

Musk: talk about it! 🙂 write about it!

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short story:

inside the Dragon X Space Capsule after docking – the zero G puppet starts floating around – indicating that gravity has left the building.

first time SpaceX Dragon SpaceCraft

probably replacing the Soyuz capsule (first flight 1966) – is docking with

International Space Station (ISS) Harmony Module (Node2).

It was unmanned, first manned missions is targeted for April 2019. (src:

more pictures:

long story:

ripley got company

dragon made it back to earth, as toast:

“Of Course I Still Love You” – Drone Ship:

How to NOT land a booster:

SpaceX Youtube Channel

Boeing is joining the space race