thanks to all the contributors of open source soft- and hardware and people that share their knowledge online for free 🙂

i hope/think that better technology could possibly also change humans to the better… freely sharing information surely does educate people and helps them to get a better picture of what “the truth” and “the situation” really is, if they take the time to collect, analyses and think.

thanks Snowden – for the proof – that the truth is really as ugly as #1984 and to educate people!

thanks Assange – for providing an infrastructure to educate people!

thanks to FSF – for actually making linux possible! 🙂

thanks to LinuxFoundation – for making the kernel better and better!

thanks to Mozilla – to hopefully be not as BigData evil as possible.

thanks to LibreOffice creators – amazing job! 🙂

to the Debian Foundation – super amazing job! 🙂

thanks to all the less known but equally important contributors, coders, testers, designers, administrators, resource sharers, time and money donators, hosters…

thank you all 🙂

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