You might remember the funny scenes from BigBang about the “Wolowitz’s Zero Gravity Human Waste Disposal/Distribution system” #Spaceplumbing X-D (scroll down for that)

now the real shit: Mike Massimino: SpaceShuttle-toilet “WCS” (waste containment system) had a target-toilet-camera system

  • Space-Shuttle-toilet was dumping urine out in space
    • with sun shining through creates “rainbow” effect “kind o’ cool” and crystalizes to ice
    • Space-Shuttle-poop was taken back to Earth
    • backup-system: Apollo-adhesive-bags (that would glue to the butt)
  • ISS-toilet is recycling urine
    • “today’s coffee, is tomorrow’s coffee”
  • Space-Shuttle practice-toilet had target-camera to practice the key of space-popping: alignment
  • with a mirror they double-checked … that no space-shit was “following”

ISS 360 tour & toilet:

it is pretty strange – despite the fact of growing tensions between Russia and USA on planet earth over Syria and natural gas.

I thought the astronauts and cosmonauts at ISS are on a peace mission – but they are not even sharing a toilet – they only share food on Friday nights.

of course you can do your own 360 virtual tour through the ISS:

US Google Version:

European ESA:

and also here:

mabye stream this video at the same time so you have explanations 🙂

live stream camera and radio chatter from iss:

so there are TWO space toilets: (Europe can not afford one) (there are more funny equipment on board: vacuum cleaner and coffee machine)

Russian space toilet:

not sure if that’s the one:

manure can not be recycled – so it get’s stored away in metal containers until the next supply vessel docks… space plumbing.

US-space toilet:

European Module: has no windows

… well why would you need windows? It would only distract the Astronauts from their mission… seems like either ESA just FORGOTT to put some FUN and COMFORT into this – or there was just no money and “fun” is not in the European vocabulary.

BigBang: Wolowitz Zero Gravity Human Waste Disposal/Distribution system: Space plumbing

now: the real shit: (US space toilet operating instructions explained by italian woman)

oh sh… they sh… into a plastic bag (solid waste sh** container).

3d glasses on tour:

Nice view:



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