Crowd funding platforms are great – i love em.

They actually do what Banks are supposed to do – get the money where it can build great products and foster innovation.

problem: as more and more money flows through crowdfunding platforms… expect lobbyists to try to sneak in and e.g. block projects that might economically damage e.g. Procter and Gamble (sells razors)

IMHO it is not a headset – but headphones?

No microphone?

Those wireless headphones are in prototype stage but received 1.5 Million USD in funding.


Means: if engineers and entrepreneurs can (actually) solve the everyday problems – people are willing to support this effort with money.

If engineers and entrepreneurs fail – the trust in crowdfunding might be destroyed. (i do not have a lot of experience in this field but just look at the “laser shaver” that got 4 Million USD funding… but things went wrong on kickstarter, now they restarted it on IndieGoGo. Good Luck we keep an eye on ya 🙂

“trench war between fans and skeptics that called it a scam”

see how it is supposed to work in this video: right now the prototype needs more development… but only time can tell if they can make it work.

Back to topic: TicPods Free are true wireless earbuds that are designed with the ultimate touch controls, optimized Bluetooth connectivity and clear crisp audio experience for the listener.

They are the most interactive earbuds available so you have more control on-the-go.

  • Ultra-intuitive touch controls
  • Automatic in-ear detection
  • Noise cancellation + noise isolation
  • Battery life w/ case = 18 hours
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • iOS and Android compatible.

already existing alternatives: Origem HS-1

this is a headset – it includes a microphone.

You can get it on eBay for 25€

Although the Washington Post is not my favorite source – this article says – bluetooth headsets have the most fake reviews going on Amazon in order to push sales.

so here is my review:

  • overall: happy with it and bought my gf also one because she phones a lot during car rides (which is not save)
  • it is pretty cool – can make calls while having both hands free to do other stuff
  • battery-time is (with all ear buds) catastrophically short… would say 3h music, 5h occasional phone calls)
  • sound: pretty good, also the bass, the plugs completely cover in-ear so they really work like ear plugs and block surrounding sounds, which is probably what you want.
  • comfort: i think the earplugs are pretty comfy, well designed
  • the microphone quality is said to be way better than if you put your mobile into speaker mode (depending on the mobile i guess, mine is a samsung galaxy s3)
  • yes the cable can get in the way and dangle if you walk, but i am kind of okay with that (if you wear it around the neck, this is not a problem, but then Bluetooth connection might stall)
  • range:
    • this is a general problem of Bluetooth devices – compared to wifi the range is not very good.
    • 3-5m max. (plain sight, no obstacles)
    • i carry my mobile in my left front pants pocket and actually i should wear it in my right front pants pocket for better reception, because my body is blocking the Bluetooth signal so there might be short interrupts. (the headset’s Bluetooth receiver is in the controls and the controls are closer to the right ear… so this is a problem)

so my “Amazon” rating is: (bought it on ebay) 4 out of 5 stars.

update: stopped using it, trying to sell it on ebay, but nobody want’s it X-D

using those panasonic phones, cable based, no battery hazzle

Panasonic RP-HJE125

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