“If we want a better America we will have to build it ourselves” (Snowden, 2016)

“it is not possible to get a fair trial in the USA under Espionage act from 1917”

Snowden is NOT against surveillance: “If its specifically targeted if its authorized by the court based on showing a probable cause ‘look we have evidence this person is up to no good'” (src)

“Some people live very careful life – if safety was my number one priority – i would have never left Hawaii – i would still work for the NSA for a lot of money and would still violate American rights” (src)

In Germany there is a saying: “Wer in der Demokratie schläft wacht in der Diktatur auf”

“Who sleeps in democracy might wake up in dictatorship”

“Sei wachsam” says “Be wakefully” sings Reinhard Mey.

“who speaks the truth needs a fast horse” goes one line of this song.

Currently capitalism is ruling the world by finance and “fake news” (new word for an old thing called “propaganda”, or an even older thing called “lies” – “great” marketing Mr Trump).

But of course – the wolfs want to have as much information about the sheeps as possible – in order to direct them into the “right” direction. The “right” directions could be massive injustice en-framed by secret anonymous dictatorship that paints itself in fancy democratic colors of freedom.

Chancellor Merkel was raised in East Germany / Soviet Occupied DDR and therefore has experienced first hand how a surveillance state “feels” like.

You can say what you want – capitalism communism – it both is bend by power greedy actors towards dictatorship.

Both concept initially have nothing to do with dictatorship and even propagate the exact opposite.

But because the neoliberal economy does not work for 90% and those 90% are getting more and more angry – the 10% try to turn capitalism and communism into dictatorship – for the sake of staying in power.

It is not surprising Mrs Merkel completely agrees with Snowden on what a secret agency should and should not do.

Following the Snowden-revelations that have given proof:

  1. the internet is the biggest spy satellite that has ever landed on earth
  2. western intelligence services gather more and more personal data about EVERYONE

They try to find the “terrorists” in this haystack of personal data.

The problem in this concept is: Who is a terrorist?

Usually people think of terrorists as extremists and fanatics of some sort.

But a terrorist could be “whoever is against us”.

The Snowden-proof has lead German Parliament to form a German Parliamentary Committee investigating the NSA spying scandal.

Binney: “it is really a totalitarian approach… no privacy after 911”

Drake: “BND (German Secret Service) is closely working with NSA and potentially violating the constitution (Grundgesetz?)”

the counter argument is: Klaus Landefeld, Beirat der DE-CIX Management GmbH: “It is not possible to tell if the internet traffic inside Germany is ‘German internet traffic’ and therefore protected by German laws or not”. X-D

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks publisher, said:

In this important Bundestag inquiry, the German and international public is the injured party.

The purpose of this inquiry, properly stated, is to discover who is responsible for the injury of a great many people’s rights and how these violations were committed.

As the injured party, the public has a right to understand this inquiry’s work.

It is only through effective public oversight that this inquiry’s stated objectives of transparency and justice will be met.


Will justice be met? Or “business as usual” continue?

Will people overcome their fears? (eventually they have to – otherwise no advancement will ever be made)

I can tell you as a German – i am even afraid to visit

Because this probably gives me “bonus points” in the NSA’s “terrorist high score” Dashboard.

Something is stuck in the consciousness – not only of computer freaks that the internet – this massive tool of sharing and cooperation – can be used for a lot more evil stuff.

But as the Dalailama says: Since the internet – lies do not work anymore – because there is always a Twitter enabled Smartphone near if evil happens – ready to report the world of what really happened.

Germany feels bullied – so do a lot of other states.

Instead of the openness and fairness the US propagates by being a capitalistic democracy – it feels like being a colony.

(Well what can you expect after a lost war?)

It would be great if a state-paid team of experts would continuously work on those issues of “witch hunt” terrorism vs privacy and how to avoid another West-DDR-Stasi Orwellian totalitarian 1984 Germany and give guidelines to parliament and the public what to do now.

One important aspect is: economic reforms.

Without economic reforms all capitalistic countries and that is also includes Russia and China will lead to anonymous  dictatorship by money – in which the situation for 99% is bad – and thus poverty, crime, famine, violence, riots and bloodshed – but nobody knows who to blame.

New sustainable concepts need to be made and brave steps of systemic reform to be taken – or capitalistic countries will continue the slippery slope into oppression and dictatorship.

The most important information is the information one can derive action from.

As Marx once said: The best job – is the job where you serve mankind as a whole.

Snowden recommends Tails.

Also: it was a very clever move of Snowden to send Laptops to various institutions – some of them probably too afraid to even touch the data – but some such as Wikileaks release slice by slice everything. (thanks for this bravery)

WikiLeaks Latest Entries “Bundestag Inquiry into BND and NSA”

NSA, BND and Telekom

” in the 26th session it emerged that a letter was sent from the Germany Chancellory directly to Kai-Uwe Ricke, who was the CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG from 2002 to 2006. The letter called on the assistance of Deutsche Telekom to facilitate the continuous mass surveillance of German and international internet and telecommunications data at Deutsche Telekom’s Frankfurt exchange point. This operation, codenamed “Eikonal”, saw these intercepts then pass from the BND to the NSA. The letter was addressed to Ricke and marked to be read by him personally. In the inquiry Ricke claimed he had never seen such a letter. After this letter was sent, the request to allow the BND access was granted. This letter was not allowed to be shown or discussed in full by the inquiry committee due to its classification; however, the fact of the letter and complicity in the co-operation, which had previously been unknown, came to light through this process. ”

Snowden as witness in Germany? Not possible – he would immediately be send to USA.

The German parliament would like to have him in Berlin for questioning – but it is (currently) not possible.

As you can see with the FIFA people in Switzerland – the FBI arrests whoever they want within EU/NATO/Europe – countries cooperate out of fear of economic (and other) sanctions.

“Die Bundesregierung hatte argumentiert, dass sie nicht für Snowdens Sicherheit garantieren könne, da er von den USA als Verbrecher gesucht werde. Sie hatte daher vorgeschlagen, Snowden in Moskau zu befragen. Das hatte Snowden abgelehnt. Über seinen Anwalt ließ er erklären, dass er gerne aussage, aber nur, wenn er nach Berlin kommen könne.”


Merkel sagte, sie halte weiter an ihrem Satz “Ausspähen unter Freunden, das geht gar nicht” aus dem Jahr 2013 fest. “Er hat meine Überzeugung wiedergegeben, die ich davon habe, was Nachrichtendienste tun sollten”, sagte die Kanzlerin am Donnerstag vor dem NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss.

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