how can everyone help build the city on Mars?

Musk: talk about it! 🙂 write about it!

spread the news!

set the focus of the discussion!




this is so cool… thanks elon for giving us hope that the future gonne be better.

YOU are making America GREAT again.


15 Million people watching live!

PS: Team, Team, Team, Team…

Never met Musk, but as having been a Musk fan for a while… since Musk’s CATASTROPHIC decision to buy Twitter and open it up to free-hate-speech, more news has surfaced from (unproofen!) ex-employees at SpaceX, that Musk THINKS he is a genius but in fact, the geniuses are in the TEAM around Musk @Tesla and @SpaceX constantly correcting grave mistakes.

Mr Musk does not have such TEAM (yet) @Twitter, but (as always with men) his success and wide spread publicity might have made him over-confident

that he can accomplish ANYTHING ON HIS OWN, while it is actually THE TEAM surrounding him, that did all that great work.

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