The Dalai lama once said: “Thanks to the internet – lies do not work anymore.”

I can’t give you double sources for this quote.

The context was: Nobody can do evil and then deny it.

Because the SmartPhone footage uploaded to Twitter or WikiLeaks – reveals the truth.

Would have been the JFK Assassination been a solved case and not left open for speculation – had there been 10.000 Smart Phones in Dallas at that day?


How is Wikipedia operating in times of capitalism financial dictatorship – propaganda – fake news – information warfare?

English Wikipedia in 2016 Dec had 5 Million articles.

And why does the Washington post hate Wikipedia?

“We are tremendously embarrassing… äh transparent”

it is a fact, that there is a small amount of people out there – that would be willing to kill their grand mum for profit. (not me!)

It is a fact that if you worked for Wikipedia in 2016 and did not earn 10.000USD per Month someone else earned more than 10.000 USD per month.

first page of wikipedia: 2001