Often when you have trouble/problems with a windows program – or want to document how a certain software ought to be installed – you want to do easy and fast screenrecording of the process – how an error is generated or how a software is installed.

CamStudio 2.0 works well on windows 7 (tested): simply unzip an run recorder.exe select -> fullscreen record and save as uncompressed avi. (who cares – you can recompress with anyvideo encoder if you really need to save harddisk space on your server)

download mirror: CamStudio_v2.0_portable_works_well.zip

CamStudio is OpenSource under GPL developed by: (thanks a lot) http://rendersoftware.com/

source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/

ps: Newer versions of CamStudio seem to come with evil software… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CamStudio