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(wow! this truly shows the power of Open Source / Free Software… complete transparency in development process)

problem: lawyers without social skills WILL destroy the planet and mankind and linux

“Linux’s creator is stepping back from his Linux kernel work — to work instead on his behavior toward other developers.”

Also: Linus Torvalds’ love-hate relationship with the GPL

This threat has teeth

Eric S. Raymond, one of the open-source concept’s creators, wrote in what’s currently LKML’s most popular message, “This threat has teeth. I researched the relevant law when I was founding the Open Source Initiative. In the US, there is case law confirming that reputational losses relating to conversion of the rights of a contributor to a GPLed project are judicable in law.”

Richard M. Stallman, author of the GPLv2 — the open-source license that governs Linux — is purported to have responded, “The developers of Linux, or any free program, can remove any and all code, at any time, without giving a reason. However, this doesn’t force others to delete that code from their own versions of the program.”

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