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“The Linux Foundation is dedicated to promoting the use of the Linux computer operating system in academia, the corporate world, and government. The company was formed in 2007 by the merger of Open Source Development Labs with the Free Standards Group . The Linux Foundation promotes and standardizes the Linux operating system by providing resources and services needed for open source development, including offering intellectual property protection for developers. The foundation operates the Linux.com Web site to provide information on Linux. Linux serves as an alternative to Microsoft ‘s Windows operating system, on which most of the PCs in the world are based, and is derived from the UNIX operating system.”

src: https://www.google.com/finance?cid=3287023

Officers and directors

CEO: Argnes Martin
Vice President Business: Mike Woster
Chief Technology Officer: Nicko Someren


1 Letterman Dr Bldg D
San Francisco, CA 94129-1494
+1 415-723-9709 (Phone)
415-863-8156 (Fax)


Citrix but even Microsoft! – https://www.linuxfoundation.org/members/corporate

Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman on 20 years of Linux @ LinuxCon Japan 2011

Linus Quotes:

“Software is like sex: it’s better when it’s free”

“Talk is cheap Show me the code”

“I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby – won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones”


“what made linux work – is not the big vision – but the persistance and hard work”

“Was ich an der Hightech-Branche nicht leiden kann, ist dieses ständige Gerede von Innovation und Visionen, das man in Keynotes hört. Alle suchen eine großartige Idee für die nächsten 20 Jahre. Ich bin aber überzeugt davon, dass die Welt so nicht funktioniert. Die Veränderungen haben sich aus guten, aber meist kleinen Einfällen ergeben – und vor allem mit einer großen Portion Fleiß und Schweiß.”

src: https://youtu.be/__fALdvvcM0?t=1554

“if i am loosing sleep over something it’s never about technical issues – but over politics and people-human (social competence and cooperation) issues.

“It is hard to develop a big project with thousands of people involved – and tens of houndreds of companies that are major contributors and have completely different ideas of where they want to go”

“mandy times big disagreements between developers”

“that can frustrate me is the ineraction with people – i am happy to say – that usually solve our problems – we at times there has been really bad blood in the community – where developers argue for months – people might have a hard time on the mailing-list because they get very negative responses”

“if you are suttle on the internet – nobody get’s it – you can’t do development and be polite – sometimes – i feel – because people need to know where you are”

src: https://youtu.be/__fALdvvcM0?t=2266

…that out of the mouth of the nerd that ranks social competence very low on his priority list :-D, so maybe you should start being nicer to people, Linus?

i have a suggestion, a very simple “rule of engagement” that does not kill off motivation right from the start:

  1. praise
  2. critizise


Greg Quotes:

“Ubuntu could contribute more to the kernel – they are very skilled developers”

src: https://youtu.be/__fALdvvcM0

Linus and Greg_Kroah-Hartman are employed at:


Residence Dunthorpe, Oregon, United States[1]
Nationality Finnish (naturalized as an American in 2010)[2]
Alma mater University of Helsinki (M.S.)[3]
Occupation Software engineer
Employer Linux Foundation

Blog: https://www.linux.com/blogs/linux-foundation

Newsletter: https://www.linux.com/




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