you have to note that on Debian mate-environment-extras (Gnome2) is running and on SUSE Gnome3 GUI is running… no GUI on CentOS.

it is interesting to see what kernel+filesystem the distributions rely on.


While CentOS is still on 3.10, Debian is believing in 3.16, and SUSE is “latest” with it’s 4.4 Version kernel.

you can upgrade with Debian to 4.X with:


Its very interesting that CentOS and SUSE rely on xfs.

Debian is relying on ext4… while ext3 might be a little bit slower but even more solid. (that’s what you should use for your NAS/FILESERVER)

Debian Package mate-environment-extras + lightdm

SUSE Enterprise Server 12 + Gnome2 (?)