Feb 16

Learning to code is an essential skill in the modern world. Here’s a handy diagram showing you how to get started.

that’s what i really liked about Adobe Flex Builder… it was based on Eclipse… so if you wanted to go Java you knew the IDE already.

Second – you got immediate visual feedback.

The code itself (ActionScript) was inspired by Java and was simple, clean and well structured (before ActionScript 4.0) an not a billion redundant files flying around in your project folder.

It allowed to step-debug the code.

So it was good to get started… The simpler the better.

With WebDevelopment there are 3-8 technologies you will have to master:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. possible Layout Framework like Bootstrap
  4. Some Backend Language (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java)
  5. possibly JavaScript if you need client-side intelligence
  6. a JS-Framework (AngularJS)
  7. Some Webserver Software (Apache2, lighttpd, nginx)
  8. A Database (MySQL)

if you want to program for Android Phones, you will need to learn Java.

If you want to program for IPhone you will need to learn ObjectC.

If you want to program for Microsoft you probably will be forced to learn C# 😀 (SharePoint)

If you want to program for Linux, just use whatever programming language you like. C, C++, Python, Java.

may the source be with you! 🙂