UPDATE: I am testing this firmware since 3 months and it is pretty good. Better than previous versions.


you might want to check what is latest unofficial from: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?a=show&w=files&flid=55224

I am testing this latest “UNOFFICIAL” firmware for i9300 right now and up to now things seem pretty good. DO NOT OVERDO WITH THE PRIVACY PROTECTION SETTINGS, e.g. turning privacy protection on for your address book might render it unusable.


screenshot_20160913-091707 screenshot_20160913-091748 screenshot_20160913-091759


  • Camera works good. You can now again select to save on SDCARD. (was not available in lollipop) You can even add GPS-info to your photos.
  • New wicked screenrecording feature.
  • Still 500 contacts export limit. Sucks.
  • Runs pretty smooth problem: sometimes when i call someone, the other side can not hear me.

You can


from my host:


Original Download Source:


size: 293.9MB

md5: 08fa2c8c08fcef701fafc6b3db42763d

upload date: Jun 27, 2016 | 05:49PM
the developer: Taker18 Taker18

This might also be interesting to you, if you need the Google-Apps: ( i don’t i do not trust em)



The Open GApps Project is an open-source effort to script the automatic generation of up-to-date Google Apps packages.
On OpenGApps.org you can find more information about the project effort and also pre-built Google Apps packages generated by the OpenGApps.org buildbot.

Some highlights about the characteristics of the Open GApps packages:

All platforms and and all Android versions are supported
DPI-optimized support for all Google packages (unlike other GApps)
Frequently updated Google Apps: The pre-built OpenGApps.org packages are updated every (European) night (if there are any updated Google Apps available)
Strong compression, allowing for relatively small downloads of even the most complete packages
Automatic backup: It is not necessary to re-flash Google Apps when you flash a ROM update. Most ROMs support this (addon.d) function
The installer checks your device’s capabilities, like the system partition size. It will notify you, before making any changes, if it finds any problems
Several package variations, from a Google Super Package (includes all applications that ever shipped on a Google device), to a Stock package that equals the set of applications found on the most current and complete Nexus, to smaller, minimalist packages and an AROMA package that allows graphically selection of what to install
A special ‘for Stock ROM’ installation mode that allows to update the Google Apps on Stock ROMs that conform to the original Google Nexus filesystem structure
All package installations can be customized to your individual preferences using our exclusive Advanced Features and Options

Take note that Open GApps does not provide you with any license for Google’s APKs included in the package. The Open GApps packages merely provide a convenient way to sideload APKs to your device. It is your own responsibility to obtain the proper permissions by e.g. buying an OHA-licensed device with pre-installed Google Apps and/or acquiring the applications from Google’s Play Store.

The pre-built packages from OpenGApps.org are provided ONLY as courtesy by OpenGApps.org without warranty of ANY kind, under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allowed to be mirrored to the public other than OpenGApps.org.

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