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ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot2

ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot

ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot New Task1 ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot New Task ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot Wizard Summary ShadowProtect Backup Software - Screenshot3

As you can see it pretty much looks like Acronis True Image… even the color Blue is similar.

The compression is pretty good. a 7.21Gbyte Windows C Partition is downsized to 3.5 Gbyte in a full backup.

Shadow Protect Backup Software Test System Windows C Partition 7.2GbyteShadow Protect Backup Software Format SPF and SPI Shadow Protect Backup Software Mount and Dismount Image SPF Format Shadow Protect Backup Software Image conversion Wizard VHD


difference to Acronis

  1. Dynamic Disks and Partitions: As soon as you want to change the size of a partition (because of lack of space) you will have to change the partition to “dynamic”. Acronis Desktop refuses to backup dynamic partitions and disks and asks you to buy the server version. it seems like ShadowProtect Desktop (!?) does not have this limitation.

    Supported File Systems

    ShadowProtect supports the following file systems:

    • FAT16
    • FAT16X
    • FAT32
    • FAT32X
    • NTFS*
    • MBR Disks
    • GPT Disks
    • Basic and Dynamic Volumes and Disks
    • 4K/AF drives with 4096 byte sectors
  2. VirtualBoot: is that the software says it can convert a backup into a Oracle VM and as you can see here in *.VHD files which are natively used by Microsoft’s Virtual PC and Hyper-V BUT NOT BY Oracle VirtualBox (*.VDI).

While VirtualBox might be able to create a VM with *.VHD harddisk, i STRONGLY ADVICE AGAINST DOING SO, because Oracle’s VHD support is pretty bad. Expect file corruption.

When using VirtualBox harddisk formats STICK TO THE DEFAULT which is *.VDI, NOTHING ELSE!

Unless you want to ask for trouble and dataloss.

You can download a trial version:

The cool thing: Shadow Protect is also available for Linux! 🙂

costs are  Retail Price:     $549.00

e.g. for Small Business Edition

Maximize Business Continuity and Minimize Recovery Times

StorageCraft ShadowProtect for Small Business provides users of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials or Foundation, Windows Server 2012 Essentials or Foundation, or Windows Small Business Server (SBS), with fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection, and system migration to get servers back online as quickly as possible.

The legendary reliability of ShadowProtect includes bare metal recovery to the same system, new hardware, or to and from virtual environments. Protect your entire server—including your operating system, applications, services, settings and data.

With ShadowProtect for Small Business you can:

  • Take advantage of Windows Server 2012 support as well as support of additional systems including UEFI, LBD, and RedHat KVM hypervisor.
  • Schedule automatic full and incremental backups for automatic protection of Windows servers.
  • Manage backups from centralized management console.
  • Backup SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and other critical applications.
  • Rapidly recover from bare metal, on dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments.
  • Verify, manage and automatically consolidate backup images from a single console with StorageCraft ImageManager.
  • Boot any ShadowProtect image as a VM with StorageCraft VirtualBoot.
  • Convert backup images to.VHD or.VMDK.
  • Recover individual files and folders in moments.
  • Easily migrate to new Windows servers with zero data loss.

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