“Instead, you could export a copy of your database (as an .sql file) using phpMyAdmin or the command line, run a find and replace on it to update URLs and file paths, then import it into your local environment using phpMyAdmin or the command line. But oops, looks like your widgets didn’t get migrated. Turns out they are stored as serialized data in the database and the find and replace corrupted the serialization. So now you have to setup all the widgets again manually, copying and pasting from the live site.” http://www.woothemes.com/2013/07/developing-with-woothemes-and-wp-migrate-db-pro/

How much does it cost to move a wordpress installation from one place-server to another?


https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/pricing/ (this seems to be recommended by woocommerce -> http://www.woothemes.com/2015/08/useful-wordpress-plugins/ )

We tried the free duplicator plugin… which is a great and easy way to move your wordpress installation (with SiteOrigin PageBuilder content)

but it seems to not be compatible with the WooCommerce shop.

Wordperss is nice. Loads of plugins. Some actually of quality.

But why is there a plugin for “Mass deleting” Pages and Posts?

… because core-wordpress takes ages…. and even fails to delete more than 50 posts/pages at once on my server.

while deleting a bunch of posts… pages… whatsoever… it’s damn slow and fails every once and a while (more than 20 posts)

wordpress.org - fails on trying to restore 93 posts



Germanized for WooCommerce




Germanized for WooCommerce

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