alle linux vms crashed panic 0xc8 0x1d7 CPU PID COmm init tainted GF

Two Ubuntu VMs 14.04.1 LTS crashed with the same error message.

It seems to be caused by a new feature, that does not work (yet) properly.

“This patch implements an idea from Linus,
to automatically create task groups.”

it should be fixed by disabling the feature via boot-command line.

2) Combination of the broken update-apt-xapian-index cron job, and broken process scheduling in the kernel. Long story short, you need to append ‘noautogroup’ to your boot options, otherwise process niceness will not work. So:

su; # login to your system and become root
vim /etc/default/grub; # find the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT
# change this line to: "noautogroup"
update-grub; # update grup boot scripts
reboot; # reboot the system (yes even linux needs a reboot every once and a while) :-D
su; # relogin and test if it worked
cat /proc/sys/kernel/sched_autogroup_enable; # 0 = feature disabled

This is safer than using the kernel.autogroup sysctl variable, which may panic some computers.

People first thought it was power-management related.

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