it is said that this is the way guys @ google do it… BUT!!!! i when i went from jqm (a lot of code) to bootstrap (a little code), i quickly went back to

1. manually include as few js as possible (keep things simple and lean)

but if you want to do it anyway (manage your includes centralized), this is how it “worked”:


[cc lang=”js” escaped=”true” width=”546″ line_numbers=”off”]
/******* dynamically_load_js_and_css ********/
// so if you need to globally include stuff, here you can do it without search replace/copy pasting all over the world
function dynamically_load_js_and_css(filename) {
var filetype = filename.substring(filename.length, filename.length – 3);
filetype = filetype.replace(“.”, “”);

if (filetype == “js”) { // if filename is a external JavaScript file
} else if (filetype == “css”) { // if filename is an external CSS file
document.write(‘ ‘);

// #set1 ie7 downward compatible
// #set2 -> not ie7


// project wide css

// timer plugin

// js-client-side-md5, so that no password gets over network unencrypted, esp not during registration

// provices conversion function

// provices string operation functions

// general stuff, client side functions to process server response

// translations

/* get filename of current file.php -> file */
function getCurrentFilename(withEnding)
withEnding = typeof withEnding !== ‘undefined’ ? withEnding : false;

//this gets the full url
var url = window.location.pathname;
var filename = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf(‘/’)+1);
filename = filename.substring(0, filename.length – 4);

return filename;

var CurrentFilename = “”; // to enable the dynamic loading of page specific css and js, one needs to determine the current filename
CurrentFilename = getCurrentFilename();

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