This is my open source knowledge base. If i had to explain – what is the difference between Open Source and Closed Source software – i would say – Open Source software is (usually) made with love.

Love or not – capitalism keeps spinning faster and faster – and linux is simply:

  • high quality software made, tested, documented and administrated with love and care by technology enthusiasts who believe technology can be used for good
  • open source respects your privacy
  • secure
  • robust, resilient, reliable
  • fast & efficient
  • easy to install and use (Debian & Ubuntu)
  • runs on almost all hardware (Debian & Ubuntu)
  • free as in freedom – not as in free beer

So there is really no reason not to boot it, give it a plug & “it-just-works”-test-drive with super fast debian based ideal linux boot stick (was an marketing failure, sales during workshops: 100%, sales online: 0%, people simply need more education about GNU Linux!)

please make own Debian GNU Linux USB stick via: Download Debian ISO (non free, because wifi works)

or download the image here: (runs great even on very very old hardware)

(also just 1:1 copying it on a harddisk, then putting that harddisk into a computer should work too (make sure bios is set correctly to boot from it))

PS: But yes – also love needs some effort to keep it stable, secure, safe, up to date and running (maintenance).

This OpenSource KnowledgeBase is dedicated to empower you to use OpenSource software – that treat its users fair and protect your privacy.

Feel free to comment and recommend

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Proud to be certified.

Proud to be certified.

Proud to be certified.

Proud to be certified.