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Howto install and setup SMB File Sharing Server (dance Samba) with GNU Linux – virtualbox and kvm template vms – samba losing files after reboot (RAM cache not synced too often)

the best about samba: thanks for samba, it provides users with a fast (of course depends also on harddisk speed) rock-solid no-limit-to-maximum-users file-server for maximum file-transfer-and-sharing-and-storage productivity (and they will USE that T: temp drive for EVERYTHING! prepare for TERRABYTES […]


what it means: there are updates for windows … (windows itself is spyware :-D)

Re Install Grub2 Linux Boot Loader with KNOPPIX

Manchmal wenn man eine Festplatte einfach von einem System (Laptop) in ein anderes System (Desktop/Workstation) plugged and played – läuft Linux meist reibungslos… aber Windows nicht, welches man evtl. für Spiele (was sonst) “braucht” 😀 Also muss man Windows reinstallieren… […]


To be honest… SharePoint… seems to be: Office and Wiki in a Browser… is that it? A Wiki is a editable Website where you can also upload files into… if it exists as OpenSource Software… why would you spend MONEY […]


Another day, another Windows 8 issue. This time, it appears that Microsoft’s latest operating system is blocking Linux-based recovery environments, including Acronis’ very popular True Image software. Consumers who try to boot from a recovery image are blocked by Microsoft’s […]


i tried to create a “restore drive” with a running windows 8 installation… but it won’t recognize a newly bought kingston 32GB USB Stick nor an 64GB Stick… so the size did not matter this time. alternatively: Installing the […]


IT’S A MOFO BULLSHIT! Remove the hard drive before booting into the SSD for the first time The problem you experienced is caused by the Windows installation on the SSD continuing to reference the old hard drive. As a […]


yes it was cheap, but why pay more for a BETA version that missuses your valuable time for testing their software? well sometimes for compatibility reasons you can’t get around it… but GOLEM says it could be “FAKE” […]


LETZTE CHANCE IHREN PC SICHER ZU MACHEN! ODER SIE INSTALLIEREN EINFACH LINUX 😀 und erhalten alle Updates bis an’s Lebensende kostenfrei. Grundsätzlich-Bedingungsloses-Updates (GBU) in Anspielung auf das Bedingungslose-Grund-Einkommen (BGE)


“follow me and everything’s allright” (i hope so Uncle Kracker) trying older version of flash: -> flashplayer11_9r900_170_winax.msi -> this actually worked straight away. found here: it’s understandable that m$ wants flash under it’s control – rolling it by themselves to […]


Flashplayer 15 (latest Version 11.2014) is VERY HARD TO GET WORKING on windows 8 embedded standard with ie10. (i got it to work once… don’t ask me how i did it  Follow this guide: or that guide:


Eine kleine Auswahl an Screenshots welche einen in den Wahnsinn treiben: … von denen man sich fragt “Wer hat diese sch… konzipiert und programmiert?”   … toll. und was jetzt? Alle Dateien die zu lang sind von Hand suchen und […]


OSX can Run 64Bit Processes on 32Bit Kernel! (and hardware?) wow! OSX is 32Bit an CAN address more than 4GB of RAM ! (this line is written on a Dual XEON with 12GB RAM) All Versions of OSX have a […]


first of all: it’s absolutely HORRIBLE! how unecessarily complicated it is to install windows 7 on sony’s latest notebooks. if you are looking for the downgrade drivers: here we go: but you will need a lot of more steps […]


you would not believe how “well” simple things as time-synchronisation FAIL! “syncs time” ONLY if date is not set correctly (MANUALLY OF COURSE, DID YOU EXPECT ANY FREE SERVICE HERE?)! :-DDDD i do not have a proper screenshot of […]