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# download skype wget -O skype-install.deb # install skype dpkg -i skype-install.deb # fix dependencies that skype needs apt-get -f install # restart install skype dpkg -i skype-install.deb # install pulse audio server aptitude install pulseaudio


file: ClassUser.php <?php include("ExampleClass.php"); $class_instance = new ExampleClass(); $class_instance->setExample("example sucks"); echo($class_instance->getExample()); $class_instance->NewProperty = "You just created a new propertey of the class, that is not defined per default"; $class_instance->AnotherProperty = "You just created a new propertey of the class, that […]


backup a directory with tar basic usage: tar fcvz /where/to/put/backup/$(date +%Y-%m-%d)_backup.tar.gz /what/to/backup –exclude=*.pdf –exclude=*THAT* –exclude=*THIS*;


under windows-ntfs if you special characters in a filename… you can get into trouble deleting them (from command prompt it should always work) under linux-ext3 you can run into similar problems if a filename (for whatever reason) contains “–” (two […]

10.12.2014 she has french (?) accent… interesting that the French care about UK floodings…   check out how to install and run boinc on linux debian / knoppix / ubuntu time to get those british nuclear waste barrels out of the English Channel? […]


/opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-sr: -h: invalid option Usage: To save or restore image ocs-sr [OPTION] {savedisk|saveparts|restoredisk|restoreparts} IMAGE_NAME DEVICE Options for saving: -fsck-src-part, –fsck-src-part Run fsck interactively on the source file system before saving it. -fsck-src-part-y, –fsck-src-part-y Run fsck automatically on the source file […]


existing users: If you want to make reply notification the default for existing users, run the following SQL query: found here: UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_notify = 1 WHERE user_type <> 2; new users: ‘user_avatar_width’ => 0, ‘user_avatar_height’ => 0, […]


I think it would be fundamental for the evolution of mankind, that everybody writes a blog. Where he can share his knowledge with others, while at the same time creating a knowledge-database for himself. Secondly one could also write a book […]


you can check if your domain/mailserver is blocked via: Diese Spam Mail ereilte mich heute morgen…. man sieht sehr schön das social engineering am Werk. Das finanzsystem ist Monopoly. Finger weg von Geldanlage mit der man sich nicht wirklich […]


“The goal of Milkyway@Home is to create a highly accurate three dimensional model of the Milky Way galaxy (the dark matter in it) using data gathered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.” !COOL! 🙂 make your server work on […]


Das Kepler-Teleskop wurde in 2009 in’s Weltall geschickt, wo es jetzt um die Sonne kreist und auf einen fixen Punkt ausgerichtet ist um sich die Sterne dort genau anzuschauen. Es sucht nach dunklen Flecken (Planeten) welche sich um die Sterne […]


it definately speeds things up and could prolong the life of your SSD/Harddisk. but it’s only a CACHE that CACHEs what the system uses most, it does not help much on Data-Partitions where there is a lot of random write and read. […]


Wie kann ich einen eigenen/anderen DNS-Server für alle angeschlossenen PCs und Fritzbox verwenden ? AVM lässt die Änderung des default DNS-Servers, den die Box nutzt, im Gegensatz zu anderen Routern über die Benutzeroberfläche derzeit(Ende 2009) nicht zu. Mögliche Lösungswege: dnsmasq: […]


Modern computer science is dominated by men. But it hasn’t always been this way. A lot of computing pioneers — the people who programmed the first digital computers — were women. And for decades, the number of women studying computer […]

06.10.2014 Snowden Bombshell: NSA Hacked Computers/Installed Malware While Posing as Facebook Posted on March 13, 2014 by Lily Dane Just when you thought the NSA couldn’t get any more detestable, new information released yesterday reveals that the agency has […]


Question: You were sold a Windows 7 License called “Dell Reinstallation DVD”. You don’t know if it is “legal” to install this on different hardware. (Microsoft: “We love to limit you!”) If i read this: My brain just collapses over […]


Houston… we have a problem… 1x cpu core are not enough… how do we poweroff the VM at midnight, increase the cpu cores 1->2, and power on that box, script-wise?


Wussten Sie dass die innovative und kostenlose Virtualisierungs-Software VirtualBox ursprünglich aus Deutschland, Weinstadt stammt? … bevor Sie von Oracle 2002 aufgekauft wurde. Logo of VirtualBox OSE, 2007-2010 VirtualBox was initially offered by innotek GmbH under a proprietary software license, making one version […]