Integrate/Install Subversion PlugIn into Aptana 3

Before starting the integration of subversion, check for Aptana Updates and install them.
Do this in the main menu ‘Help’ -> ‘Check for Updates’. After finishing the update, restart aptana.

Now you are ready to start the integration. First of all, add theSubversion Update site under ‘Help’ -> ‘Install new Software’:

After waiting for refreshing the listing, select the following entries and click next:

  • Subclipse – Required
  • Subversion Client Adapter – Required
  • Subversion Native Library Adapter (JavaHL) – Strongly Recommended

works as well under windows as under osx:aptana svn windows

Subclipse SVNKit Option:

  • JNA Library
  • SVNKit Client Adapter
  • SVNKit Library

After finishing the integration, you must again restart aptana.

That’s it. After restart Aptana, you will find under ‘Window’ -> ‘Open Perspective’ -> ‘Other…’ the ‘SVN Repositiory Exploring’. There you can add some repository locations and check them out.