Update: 2018-6:

It’s official: Microsoft will spend a whopping $7.5 billion to buy GitHub

THE LINUX KERNELS ARE managed @ github!

see for yourself: https://github.com/torvalds/linux

Linus Torvalds, after using CVS at a commercial company he experienced it as beeing a pointless Source-Control System… same as SVN (which is based on CVS).

He started coding Git, (German Wiki), the workflows are partly copied from bitkeeper. (distributed source control)

it is said he “created it in two weeks”, but what he did is the initial design and coding and it got finished an polished and made usable by Junio Hamano.

Linus @ Google:

“If a Version-Control tool get’s you frustrated… you should look for something else”

slashdot writes:

An anonymous reader writes“Linus Torvalds has announced that he will be distributing the Linux kernel via Github until kernel.org servers are fully operational following the recentserver compromise. From the announcement: ‘But hey, the whole point (well, *one* of the points) of distributed development is that no single place is really any different from any other, so since I did a github account for my divelog thing, why not see how well it holds up to me just putting my whole kernel repo there too?'”

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