Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership

why more developers should chose GPL to publish programs:

as a once proud Apple user… (yes GNU Linux Debian 10 actually runs pretty well on the Intel-Macbook-Pros)

yes they are beautiful spies…

even when they can run GNU Linux…

Pure Beauty & Nostalgia: Apple Macbook Pro 9,2 (A1278) Mid 2012 running GNU Linux like a Pro (the perfect combo that just works)

they can not be trusted.

oh Steve… what has thy Apple become… 🙁 (actually Apple’s creativity died right with him)

  • Every brutal and reckless dictator (AI) will love it
  • A Spy satellite in every pocket
    • always watching
    • always recording
    • always analyzing (AI)
      • what do they think?
      • where will they go next?
      • what do they think about Apple / Google / Facebook?
      • what other peoples are in the room with this iPhone (it has a very good microphone)

You should update your iPhone right now

or just sell it on eBay… RIGHT NOW

and buy this phone: (actually a pretty pretty alternative)

Purism making progress on Librem5 SmartPhone – privacy & freedom in mass production

Looking for a new Laptop/Notebook?

check this out: the PineBookPro run’s mainline GNU Linux and is fairly capable

wow this pineBook looks even pretty stylish (like the lastest Macbooks with M1 (also ARM) CPU) but… the “OUT OF STOCK” is kind of a bummer.

they even have “OUT OF STOCK” tablets… “nice”…


‘Apple said two security issues stem from its WebKit, an open source browser engine used by Safari and iOS browsers.

“A remote attacker may be able to cause arbitrary code execution,” the company said in the description notes. Meanwhile, Kernel, an Apple developer framework, was also affected.

The exploits were reported by “an anonymous researcher,” according to the webpage.
Apple prides itself on device security but it’s not immune to exploits. Last year, Google researchers found several websites with code that allowed hackers to quietly infiltrate iPhones. Meanwhile, an iOS13 bug exposed contact details stored in iPhones without requiring a passcode or biometric identification — a flaw that the company did not publicly address until several months after it was first reported.’


1984 mass surveillance: for a better world? – trust – mass surveillance – and why is there so much violence on TV? – the trust problem between gov and citizens needs to be addressed – Trump to end all encryption?

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