the tech guy in this video says: his “smart” APC UPS – “battery exploded and leaked all over the place”

have two UPS here one from APC and one from EATON.

and the EATON 5PX.

EATON 5PX 2200 pros and cons:

  • + high long lasting quality (also the batteries)
    • has run very well for every 5 years now and now STILL can bridge around 50min of power failure for one server (150Watts)
  • + can handle a lot of load EATON P5X can probably handle 1-5x Servers
  • + supports Linux and even XEN hypervisor
  • – newer was able to trigger shutdown script under windows server 2012 r2
    • need to know: what would be important is to also get the LAN card for it (that could be the problem)
  • + EATON is a sponsor supporter of GNU Linux Debian – the easy to install and run anywhere Linux distribution. APC not.
  • – a little more expensive

APC Smart UPS 1000 pros and cons:

VA LCD Rackmount 2 HE 230V or SMC1000I-2U

hardware id/vendor id 051D PID 0003 REV 0106

  • – felt very sluggish right from the start
  • – just with printers they will try to force one to replace batteries every 6 months
  • + the latest powerChute v10 software is now also web based (tomcat + java?)
  • – in one Amazon rating a guy who apparently knows his stuff said APC is using very cheap elkos / Electrolytic capacitor / Elektrolytkondensator
  • maybe a + batteries hot swap capable? (this videos recommends to powerdown / unplug the USV completely)
  • + cheaper (but what if one has HIGHLY ACIDIC LEAD ACID ALL OVER THE FLOOR?)

What other USV vendors can be recommended?

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