… is a horrible hard exam. check out the (probably a little outdated) example questions below – to get a taste what to expect.

according to PassLeader NO more recent braindumps are available… (201-400 yes 201-450 no) at the time of writing this.

so if you have not sucked up the kernel sources with your the milk of your mother… i predict you will fail on this test. (you can not expect parents to plan this far ahead – can you?)

LPIC-2 Exam 201

“The Linux Essentials exam is available for $110 USD. All LPIC exams are available for $188 USD each. Prices may vary slightly by region and currency exchange rates.” (src)

objectives: http://www.lpi.org/our-certifications/exam-201-objectives

Exam Objectives Version: 4.5 (Exam code 201-450). Note: the exam with the v4.0 objectives (201-400) will remain available until August 2017. You may write any version of the exams and they will count toward your LPIC-2 equally.

About Objective Weights: Each objective is assigned a weighting value. The weights indicate the relative importance of each objective on the exam. Objectives with higher weights will be covered in the exam with more questions.

example questions from Passleader’s outdated 201-400 vce files

it seems at this point no 201-450 files exist… probably the world is close to an economic meltdown – so they thought it’s not worth to invest time and effort into compiling those. (then don’t fool people with your “we updated it 3 minutes ago” bullshit… )

if this is true – i will pray for a quick and painless death of mankind – like the dinosaurs actually had with their massive meteroid. Well i guess thermo-nuclear weapons work too…


… i guess you would have known all those answers by hard 😀

… because you know every config file of every kernel version – thanks god – you have that micro-computer implant with direct uplink to your brain – with 128GByte of SD space.

It was expensive though!

But know you can record and review everything you have ever seen… until this 128GByte SSD is full.

the book


it is “okay”… but some well done video tutorials like the quality of the Urban Penguin for LPIC1 would be nice.

Unfortunately Mr Mellows did not find the time and ressources (sponsor? take donations?) to complete his LPIC2 youtube videos https://www.theurbanpenguin.com/lpi-training-from-theurbanpenguin/lpic-2-advanced-level-certification/

I mailed lpi.org on that topic… wonder how they are going to respond.

Also the downloadable simulator is well done – web based – but in the Questions are

  1. in german (unlike the real LPIC2 exam)
  2. they are not brain dump questions – but questions the author developed himself, so propably 90% of the questions will not be asked in LPIC2.




or: would it help to have a computer in your brain?

… actually all you would have to do is – disable the “filter” function of your brain 😀

and you would be able to not noly remember the date when your mother died of cancer but also the most useless detail 😀


WARNING! Disabling your brain’s memory filter has sideffects your pharmaceutical company tried to hide: unfortunately – you probably would not know how to order the priorities of those memory-details…. and steer you car straight into a wall and die.

It might also have other sideffects not stated here.

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