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the problem: *.rtfd seems to be a “stuck on OSX” problem… but actually TextEdit is a OpenSource (!) software 🙂 textedit.app                          4.0+20061029-3.4+b1               amd64        Text editor for GNUstep you can download debian packages here: https://ftp.mpi-sb.mpg.de/pub/mirrors/linux/debian/pool/main/t/textedit.app/?C=M;O=A and install it via: wget https://ftp.mpi-sb.mpg.de/pub/mirrors/linux/debian/pool/main/t/textedit.app/textedit.app_4.0+20061029-3.4+b1_amd64.deb […]


… das ist deswegen, weil man wenigstens ein zuverlässiges Gerät braucht (auf welchem so gut wie keine Software installiert ist, nur das nötigste), welches zuverlässig die E-Mails abruft und einen relativ sicher im Internet surfen lässt und auch so “einfache” Dinge […]


OSX can Run 64Bit Processes on 32Bit Kernel! (and hardware?) wow! http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/2498/why-can-mac-os-x-32-bit-access-all-4gb-of-memory-while-windows-32-bit-cant http://superuser.com/questions/453090/mac-osx-32bit-or-64bit OSX is 32Bit an CAN address more than 4GB of RAM ! (this line is written on a Dual XEON with 12GB RAM) All Versions of OSX have a […]


# become root sudo bash # edit file vim /etc/rc.common # this is how the end of the file looks like # hit Ctrl+G to jump to the bottom of the file ## # Generic action handler ## RunService () […]


… works for latest osx and for leopard. wget.zip.pdf 1. download 2. rename to .zip 3. unpack 4. open terminal 5. type sudo bash (give your password) 6. cp wget /usr/bin usage: wget http://site.com/file_i_want_to_download.zip download ALL FILES IN A directory: […]


my mac story goes like this… i hated windows since windows 95… it was buggy, it crashed all the time… you had to reinstall every 10x times you started a programm… linux was not so super user friendly yet… my […]