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… if you offer webServices… i know it’s hard to make them secure and reliable… but that should have highest priority to keep the customer crowds from switching to other services… today i got this message: … by the end […]


now the world knows… i moved from OSX to Debian Linux ;-p thanks for the information…


it’s official… google TRACKS YOU! with all means possible. Now amazon and facebook work together… if you noticed whatever you where interested in on amazon… suddenly appears as advertisement on facebook. So: WHATEVER YOU CAN IMAGINE – WILL BE DONE. […]


Beeing not fond in hurling massive amounts of data into the google-nsa-monster’s mouth, but right now i don’t know any good alternative to this google-service. I was wondering if you could prevent parts of the page to be translated? Email […]


netscape -> firefox -> google? how independent is the mozilla foundation? and why is it cooperating with google so much? they are not even on the html5 WHATWG team that creates the next version of html5? or yes they are […]


  it’s funny that people @ http://android-x86.org/ made possible to download an android 86x iso and install it to your hardware… e.g. a VirtualBox VM. (the harddisk setup did not want to run… but the live-cd option worked) https://android-x86.googlecode.com/files/android-x86-4.3-20130725.iso     sorry […]