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update: 2020-02: First of: thanks! PGP + enigmail + Thunderbird is is working great on for example: GNU Debian Linux 10. And setup now can be done by normal users. (the enigmail wizard is pretty nice) THANKS ALL INVOLVED 🙂 […]


if you hit (Shift+Apple/Windows+i) in thunderbird… you get a chat window. i have not tested any of these… but they are available: 1. facebook 2. google talk 3. IRC 4. Twitter 5. XMPP … nice! 😀


was taken from some pretty old heise c’t script. [cc lang=”php” escaped=”true” width=”500″] // Prüfe, ob die Empfänger/Absenderadresse einem gültigen MX-Host angehört Zu jeder Domain in einer Mailadresse (nach dem @-Zeichen) sollte ein Mail Exchange Resource Record (MX-RR) im Domain Name System (DNS) eingetragen sein. […]

GNU Debian Linux – howto Send encrypted E-Mail with Thunderbird and Enigmail and PGP in 5 Minutes (including backup and restore keypair) – your secret key has missing trust

Update: 2021-01 Mozilla changed a lot in Thunderbird, Enigmail and other addons are not working anymore. This guide will need be be rewritten. Update: 2020-10 apt-listchanges: News ——————— thunderbird (1:78.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium The Thunderbird ESR series starting with version 78.x […]