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… when it comes to resource efficiency Linux easily wins, if you do not need a bloated Ubuntu Desktop. You will need to download the Knoppix 64 Bit DVD (! NOT THE CD VERSION (IS 32BIT ONLY!)) download: English: ftp://ftp.cs.uni-frankfurt.de/pub/Mirrors/knoppix-dvd/KNOPPIX_V7.2.0DVD-2013-06-16-EN.iso […]


Unstable code is code that was compiled with optimizations turned on… making the compiler possibly discard security checks creating security holes. Towards Optimization-Safe Systems- Analyzing the Impact of Undefined Behavior stack-sosp13.pdf Mirror: 40 percent of debian packages contain unstable code – […]


The rules of a successful life stand over the rules of software project management. 1. The meaning of life is to be happy. If you are not a psychopath (have social skills as compassion, empathy) you will also want others […]


PLEASE WATCH IN HD! SOOO BLURRY IN 360p or download with jdownloader 2 beta in 720p or minitube (very cool app) su; # become super user/root aptitude update; # update packet definitions aptitude install lighttpd php5-cgi mysql-server mysql-client phpmyadmin php5-mysql […]