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top hotkeys: Shift+Strg+Y = Downloads Window Strg+T = new Tab / neuer Tab Strg+N = new Windows / neues Fenster Strg+W = close current Window or Tab / aktuellen Tab und Fenster schliessen Strg+S = save page / aktuelle Seite […]


Checkout: IceCat while you probably never can avoid 100% surveillance at least try to keep your BigData footprint as small as possible… (same for CO2 😀 and fossil-fuels) Linux Systems: Downloads: http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron-linux.tar.gz (32-Bit) http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron-linux-64.tar.gz (64-Bit) Downloads für Debian-basierte Distributionen (Debian, […]