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wie privatsphäre online verbessern mit tor und kostenloser vpn firmware für router / How to protect privacy online with tor and free vpn firmware for routers – how to setup tor node / Как защитить конфиденциальность онлайн с помощью tor и бесплатной прошивки vpn для роутеров – как настроить tor узел / Як захистити конфіденційність в Інтернеті за допомогою tor і безкоштовної прошивки VPN для маршрутизаторів – як налаштувати вузол tor / Cómo proteger la privacidad en línea con tor y firmware vpn gratuito para enrutadores: cómo configurar el nodo tor / Comment protéger la confidentialité en ligne avec tor et le firmware VPN gratuit pour routeurs – comment configurer le nœud tor / 如何使用路由器的tor和免费VPN固件在线保护隐私 – 如何设置tor节点
31 Mar 2022

0) for security: keep all internet connected devices as up to date as possible! “Freifunk updates its router firmware and closes a critical security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install their own firmware on the devices” (src: Also […]

BigData in Africa: without any protection – Shivani Siroya TEDx – “A smart new business loan for people with no credit” – When AI takes over – and calls all the shots – and nobody knows why it decides what it decides – not just Africa – bank accounts AI (over)blocked
23 Mar 2022

the risks of all digital (no cash) payment systems & amok AI: “This happens quite often with customers of the Cashgroup banks (@DeutscheBank / @Postbank / @Commerzbank / @Comdirect) as soon as their algorithms hit your account is directly without […]

How to  prepare – civilian survival guide in the case of war or conflict (english, spanish, deutsch, russian, chinese) 2022v1 (16x Points) – Cómo prepararse: guía de supervivencia civil en caso de guerra o conflicto (Spanish) – Überlebensleitfaden Leitfaden für Zivilisten im Falle von Krieg oder Konflikt – Comment se préparer – guide de survie civile en cas de guerre ou de conflit (French) – 準備方法-戦争または紛争の場合の民間生存ガイド(Japanese)2022v1(16xポイント)。 – 준비 방법-전쟁 또는 분쟁 (Korean) – Как подготовиться – руководство по выживанию гражданских лиц в случае войны или конфликта (Russian) – Як підготуватися – цивільний посібник з виживання у випадку війни чи конфлікту (Ukrainian) – 如何准备-战争或冲突情况下的平民生存指南(Chinese/Taiwanese)
24 Feb 2022

just trying to help and save lifes here. copy out the passage of language (auto translated via into a word.doc modify/add things you might think are missing (recherche) print and hand it out put it in a place where […]

selling cookies: privacy madness: the “short” list of companies that want to know what forbes article a user clicked on (and god knows what else)
31 Jan 2022

everyone hates em…. cookie banners it’s “funny” (no actually not and is not a site this user is visiting very often, it was this article that the user was interested in:, is actually writing for, so […]

2021-11 Russian IT Security Updates – why it is impossible to turn off the Internet in Russia – what is the “Mitnick attack”? – are the odds against the defenders? Browser Sidechannel Attacks “We confirm that none of these approaches completely defend against our attacks” – 2010: AI amok: how AIs almost crashed wallstreet and why it can have real world consequences (1929)
04 Nov 2021

warning: no guarantee of completeness! contains ads! (but owner of blog get’s nothing, maybe source of source does) Are the odds against the (itsec) defenders? It certainly feels that way, because no human can ever find all bugs, so Fuzzing […]

DevC – Linus Torvalds “Nothing better than C”
19 Aug 2021

what is great about C? the simplicity of the compiler that just run’s anywhere still THE most resource efficient language with C the user does not have to buy a new computer every 3 years, because of updates slowing down […]

What is Right – What is Wrong – with great powers comes great responsibility (aka the “Peter-Parker-principle” (Spiderman 2002)) – Big Tech with better and betters Tools and without better Ethics Morals unkowing what is Right or Wrong
17 Jul 2021

in short: humans per default, without an education might just be “better” apes. Some parts of mankind behave very primitive and clearly show no signs of higher intelligence or education. The troubles start, when the tools become more and more […]

GNU Linux how to vim install VimPlug
16 Jul 2021

tested on hostnamectl Static hostname: lenovo Icon name: computer-laptop Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Kernel: Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 preperations: su – root apt update # install vim and git and curl apt install vim git curl # install […]

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership
07 Jun 2021

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership why more developers should chose GPL to publish programs: as a once proud Apple user… (yes GNU Linux Debian 10 actually runs pretty well on the Intel-Macbook-Pros) yes they are beautiful spies… […]

GNU Linux & Windows Server 2012 R2 – benchmark results HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID (harddisk) card + 4x 1TB Kingston NVMe (KINGSTON SA2000M81000G)  (individually and in mdadm RAID10 mode) – disk failures under Win 2012 R2
20 May 2021

HighPoint always was and still is “crap”, if the admin wants to upgrade old server with NVMe RAID(10 preferably), than wait for ADAPTEC SmartRaid 3200 family coming out soon for purchase (untested!, see specs here 3200 is the new Trimode […]

GoodBye WhatsApp (Facebook) GoodBye (Telegram) – Hello Signal (there is even a Desktop Version :) (also featuring: CareGiving & scary Dentist robots)
16 May 2021

get the App for Android/Samsung direct download link 2022-05 version: how to verify (very (over?) complicated: get the sha256 sum from bottom of page remove all the : 29:F3:4E:5F:27:F2:11:B4:24:BC:5B:F9:D6:71:62:C0:EA:FB:A2:DA:35:AF:35:C1:64:16:FC:44:62:76:BA:26 29F34E5F27F211B424BC5BF9D67162C0EAFBA2DA35AF35C16416FC446276BA26 download from ./bin/sdkmanager –sdk_root=/tmp/android_sdk […]

project: sharing pictures alternative to WhatsApp (Facebook) – share family pictures with privacy & secure & easy
19 Feb 2021

v1.6 released: improvements: thumbnail generator thanks to ImageMagick PHP extension can now also resize large image files (10MBytes and more) for slideshow it now uses resized versions of 1024px instead of the original file (which might be too […]