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it’s not really intuitiv. You search for: but the keyword “download” does not pop to your eye. here you can DOWNLOAD are the precompiled (PO) language packs for the backend: Download Language packs:


in theory it should work like that (untested!): [cc lang=”php” escaped=”true” width=”600″] /** * Validate the extra register fields. * * @param string $username Current username. * @param string $email Current email. * @param object $validation_errors WP_Error object. * * […]


it’s loading all the super-efficient library.min.js Versions but you need to debug a JavaScript file? open wp-config.php in your favourite editor an add: (right after define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);) [cc lang=”php” escaped=”true” width=”600″] /** * For developers: WordPress debugging mode. * * […]


This last section contains various suggestions regarding Plugin development. The code of a WordPress Plugin should follow the WordPress Coding Standards. Please consider the Inline Documentation Standards as well. All the functions in your Plugin need to have unique names […]


Links Source: Plugin API/Filter Reference This article contains an extensive (but not 100% comprehensive) list of the filter hooks available for use in plugin development in Version 2.1 and above of WordPress. For more information: To learn more […]


update: 2020-05: ain’t workin’ no more 🙁 (it’s funny… it was still working yesterday X-D) whatever happened… Jeremy… your once so simplistic “manage allowed upload file types” plugin stopped working 🙁 (in wordpress Version 5.4.1) Version 5.4.1 Manage Upload Types […]


the lite version is free… testing it right now 🙂 Upgrade to the Standard Calendar for free Extended Views Import/Export Events Facebook Integration Filter by Category and Tag Recurring Events Upcoming Events Widgets Locations and Maps Basic Support Upgrade to […]