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Want to disable Intel Management Engine

It is actually a scandal that the world depends on chips and operating systems – that are designed to do mass-surveillance – it seems – in order to build up a world-wide-dictatorship that no-one can escape… by information and money. […]


in General: NFS is pretty fast protocol for accessing files. It uses less overhead than SMB/CIFS and therefore acchieves greater performance. method1) rsyncing to a nfs-mounted qnap nas went with 20,7 MBytes/sec. method2) while directly ssh-rsyncing to qnap works only […]


Errno::ENOMEM at /tags/news seconds later it was back on line… Cannot allocate memory – ps Ruby /home/diaspora/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.8@diaspora/gems/activesupport- in `, line 7 Web GET Jump to: GET POST Cookies ENV Traceback (innermost first) /home/diaspora/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.8@diaspora/gems/activesupport- in ` super… /home/diaspora/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.8@diaspora/gems/activesupport- in […]


i have a failing js script somewhere in the page… the CPU core goes up to 100% and stays there… its very (NOT!!!!) funny. did uncheck this “disable javascript” in firefox “iceweasel” 31.7.0…. and it does NUTHIN!!! noscript light also […]


“Bei Lithium-Ionen-Akkumulatoren führt eine Tiefentladung auf unter 2,4 V zu irreversibler Schädigung und zu Kapazitätsverlust. Sinkt die Spannung einer Zelle auf unter 1,5 V, sollte sie nicht mehr verwendet werden. Es ist sehr wahrscheinlich, dass sich Kupferbrücken ausgebildet haben, welche dann zu […]


computers are just like our governmental or financial system: serial failures. we expect them to fail. it’s not the exception – its the rule. so we better build alternative systems with less software. to simplify is to make reliable and stable. […]


i love the american people… but here and there are totally irresponsible ceos. unfortunally i have to say… nokia would have been better off builing 6310s than doing this… souce: Stephen Elop: I wasn’t a Trojan horse for Microsoft […]


Eine kleine Auswahl an Screenshots welche einen in den Wahnsinn treiben: … von denen man sich fragt “Wer hat diese sch… konzipiert und programmiert?”   … toll. und was jetzt? Alle Dateien die zu lang sind von Hand suchen und […]


… eigentlich müsste man echt die ganze Gesellschafts-Software überdenken… inklusive ihrer Kommunikationswege. Und an einem grossen Ganzen arbeiten… welches die Rechte des kleinen Schützt… und Monopole verhindert. the 1970s Mail system is decentralized (good), but in the 1970s there was […]


you will have to point your browser to: … accept the License Agreement: You must accept the Early Adopter Development License Agreement to download this software. i think that’s the reason why wget does not work. how cumbersome. 1. download it 2. […]