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How to step debug debugging rust in vim 8.1
24 Jul 2021

“Basically, rust-gdb is a wrapper that loads external Python pretty-printing scripts into GDB. This is useful (and somewhat necessary) when debugging more complex Rust programs because it significantly improves the display of Rust data types.” (src) what the developer has […]

GNU Linux how to vim install VimPlug
16 Jul 2021

tested on hostnamectl Static hostname: lenovo Icon name: computer-laptop Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Kernel: Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 preperations: su – root apt update # install vim and git and curl apt install vim git curl # install […]

how to copy and paste outside of vim – system clipboard to another other gui applications – the 1 million lines text editor benchmark onemillionlines.txt
28 Jul 2020

what is the problem? for whatever reasons a lot of vim packages come compiled without system -clipboard support. furthermore: for copy & paste per default vim uses it’s own registers (not the default primary and secondary system clipboard that […]

password protect encrypt files with vim and vi
02 Jun 2017

it’s amazing… try this: open up a text file Hit ESC (command mode) :X now vim / vi will ask you for a password if you know save and quit and reopen the file it detects that the file was […]

GNU Linux -> Vim Search & Replace
27 Aug 2015

vim is one of the greatest terminal based editors that is out there (though Stallman & Linus prefer Emacs) it is capable of editing pretty large files, that would make other gui based editors crash # Find each occurrence of […]

28 May 2015

you can enable syntax highlighting in vim by typing: :syntax on and disable by: :syntax off per default vim shows *.conf files as blue-text on black-bg, which is pretty hard to read. you can change the color-scheme used by typing: […]

online coworking space – New Ways of Online Interaction and Cooperation – creative innovative fun format for Digital Online Conferences as RPG GAME! Nürnberger Digital Festival
09 Jul 2021

update: join me @ first of: the online conferecing as RPG game format is really fun and innovative idea to make online events more fun! 🙂 (it is accompanied by live streams via vimeo or youtube) Corona will […]

GNU Linux Bash – script for troubleshoot long term reliability (ping) and bandwidth (speed) benchmark-test – testing network internet connection uplink connectivity and reliability
21 Jan 2021

this script is for cront-job regular measurement of the available (download) bandwidth, by downloading a 100MByte dd crated ( testfile created like this (creditz): head -c 100m /dev/zero | openssl enc -aes-128-cbc -pass pass:”$(head -c 20 /dev/urandom | base64)” > […]

howto postgres
25 May 2020

postgres borrows concepts from mysql (now mariadb) postgres and mariadb are borth great databases, thanks all involved. (how to setup postgres 12 on centos 8 (very very latest)) let’s dive into hit: how to postgres: hostnamectl; # tested on Virtualization: […]