• a well faked Mail Attachment.pdf.zip was opened by a team member, infecting a (Windows 10?) PC in the background
  • browser login tokens in the form of cookies & browser passwords were exfiltrated
  • mail attachments are STILL the #No1 threat in 2023 😀
  • VirusScanner are not enough anymore in 2023
  • Linus seemed to have backups of all his videos, on an detached harddisk, that is not accessible via ransomeware 😀
    • the hackers could have encrypted half his machines including external harddisks and NAS
  • Linus got restored pretty quickly, lucky u, some companies had multiple weeky of downtime

have 2x encrypted USB external drives, 1x is disconnected in the fire proof fault, 1x is connected at the PC, doing daily incremental backups, or at least full backups weekly of all that is important (usually just the /home/user folder)

update: they did it again – Fake Fundraiser – Another “Elon will give you Bitcoin” Scam – this time on YOUTUBE LiveStream (loop)

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