TTF vs WOFF (Web Open Font Format)

  • “TTF (TrueType Font) is a standard developed by Apple in the 1990s”
  • “WOFF is basically a compressed TTF with metadata and browser support” (src)

Browser support:

Each version of the format has received the backing of many font vendors,

also known as type foundries,[16] and has been supported by all major browsers:

WOFF 2.0, based on the Brotli compression algorithm (by Google) and other improvements over WOFF 1.0 giving more than 30% reduction in file size, is supported in:

  • Google Chrome (since version 36),[27]
  • Edge (since version 14),[28]
  • Opera (since version 26),[29]
  • Firefox (since version 35)[30]
  • Safari (since version 10).[31]

(src: Wiki)