if you are in control of all the details, stress becomes “just a lot of work”

  • because you pay attention to the details, others might not

it also means:

  • if the program was written by you
    • 1) you know what it can do
    • 2) you know what it can not do
    • 3) and you (should) know why it fails in certain cases
      • (or at least find out/debug quickly why and fix it)
  • if the program was not written by you
    • all the 3 above has to be extensively tested to see if a system or program can do all the requried use cases – secure, reliable and fast

stress can mean:

  • too much work

then the solution is: simplify, simplify, simplify (to simplify what can be simplified is ALWAYS a good idea)

it can also mean:

  • not in control of the details
    • meaning: someone else is in control of the details and the quality of care for details is unkown hence the quality of the software is unkown
      • too much unkowns = stress
        • which brings us back to case 1) 2) and 3)

otherwise it is “just a lot of work”


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