they are fast, they are small, they use very little energy (less than 30W), the Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny despite being also pretty old (2012/2013) it still rocks, the naming ain’t sexy, but they work very well.

now let’s look inside:

it meassures:

  • width: 18cm
  • “depth”: 18.5cm
  • height: 3.5cm

extremely compact.

this opening procedure was done to upgrade the ssd harddisk.

what is special about the M92p: it still has a tiny tiny speaker inside 🙂

for all those beep code symphonies

proxmox 1962 error : No operation system found

this happens, when trying to install Proxmox like in this how to article.

(it’s nice web gui for kvm 🙂 but can not do distributed workloads, has to be done by putting VmWebserver on node1 and VmMysql on node2 and vm VmLoadBalancer on node3 etc.)

if node1 has this ip, the proxmox web gui is available via:

in order to fix this and make proxmox boot

windows 10 (yes argh) needs to be installed & BIOS update applied:

Intel ME almost no BIOS without it… with t440 it was able to “disable it permanently”

  • let it sit for a while… when the blinking cursor comes up… let it blink for a while…
  • remove all usb drives…
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del…
  • it should reboot fine
  • re-apply all bios settings

so updated from BIOS 2012 to 2018 version and now proxmox boots up fine.

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