there is indeed a small screw missing from the angle grinder:

Ersatzteilinformation: part detailed information: 1603300016
Sachnummer:  1603300016
Beschreibung: Sechskantmutter
DIN-Text:  M7, SW10
Preis * 1,04  €* Preisgruppe 11
* Alle Preise inkl. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Versandkosten

Always say something positive first:

  • the other BOSCH tools (portable screw driver) work fine since aprox 3 years (the battery capacity could be better)
  • BOSCH just as SIEMENS are German brands, that have (in the past) delivered high quality electronic products that
    1. used to be lasting long / durable / high quality
    2. used to be innovative
    3. SIEMENS even still does a little bit of IT hardware manufacturing of mainboard in Augsburg, Germany with 0% percent waste (according to testing, 0% defective mainboards during manufacturing process)

now the less happy story…

  • a lot of BOSCH manufacturing is not Made in Germany anymore, which can lead to quality problems… as in this case…

“Thank You” Bosch, this angle grinder is/was brand new.

It has never worked, because there seems to a production error/the small gear is loose / not attached to the drive shaft, so the electric motor can not drive the gearbox.

Not just jobs, also quality of your products went down the drain, BOSCH you could do better than this, but if the first thing the CEO is checking in the morning: the stockprice, than the company is DOOMED (just management of stock price, no innovation, no care about customer, no care about product, dear CEO when was the last time… you have been in the factory and talked to your workers? Elon does it.).

According to printing it says “Made in Hungary”, according to quality it could also be “Made in China”.

A lot of professionals have abandoned BOSCH equipment altogether and went to Makita, a Japanese producer of tools.

Sad story of how to CEO’s focus on stock price & money (SIEMENS) instead on customer happiness, innovation, workers AND (!!!) SUSTAINABILITY/CO2 NEUTRALITY/FAIR TRADE, can lead to MASSIVE loss of trust and customers and thus market share.

Adding to the scandal, Russian tanks have been found to use BOSCH parts.

This is when the stock price and money are valued more than human life.

There needs to be a serious overhaul of the CEO culture at BOSCH & SIEMENS, and the customer and quality and innovation need to become the center piece of it’s strategy again.

Elon Musk, while also having quality issues, shows the world, how it is done, with a new record cars released to market.

First Quarter 2022: “Tesla delivered 310,048 cars from the start of this year to the end of March, up from 184,800 a year earlier, according to figures released over the weekend.” (src: Yahoo)


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