not employed by Oracle in any kind, the only advantage VirtualBox (still) has over all the other virtualization systems: was designed to be cross OS from the start and does that pretty well.

Holy Crap! Google (crazy guys) ported KVM to Windows. The name is misleading. (src)

# 1 stop all running vms via gui or terminal
# 2 stop virtualbox services
systemctl stop vboxautostart-service
systemctl stop vboxballoonctrl-service
systemctl stop vboxdrv
systemctl stop vboxweb-service
# 3 download latest virtualbox
-> pick right version Debian 10
# currently that is

# run the upgrade
dpkg -i virtualbox-6.1_6.1.32-149290~Debian~buster_amd64.deb

# reboot system

errors: fatal error: linux/smp_lock.h no such file and directory and: kernel configuration is invalid

tested under Debian 10 (host) trying to install virtualbox additions v 6.1.14 on Debian 11 vm, will not work, VirtualBox needs to be updated on the host! (v6.1.32 installed and works)

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