when? soon… very soon… “Musk on Nov. 17 said SpaceX will “hopefully launch” the first orbital Starship flight in January or February (2022), pending regulatory approval by the FAA as well as technical readiness.” (sc: cnbc.com)

“On Black Friday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sent an anxious email to his company’s employees, urging them to work over the weekend on SpaceX’s Raptor engine line and describing the production situation as a “crisis.”” (to SpaceX) (src: theverge.com)

Starship Super Heavy engine steering test-2021-12-18


according to space.com there are 6 Raptor engines on the StarShip (upper stage) and 29 (!) on the Super Heavy Booster (lower stage).

originally the project was called BFR “Big Fat Rocket”

  • totalling a launch vehicle of 120m (400 foot)
  • “Starship has a dry mass of 85 tons and has a propellant capacity of 1200 tons. The ascent payload capacity is 150 t to low earth orbit and it has a return capacity of 50 t” (src: space.skyrocket.de)